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Grass Seed

Grass Seed

In the lawn care and landscaping industry, it’s all about creating healthy, beautiful turf that satisfies customers and adds profits to the bottom line. From high-performance seed varieties and mixtures for use on the most prestigious properties, to cost-saving value mixes for general landscape use, Greenleaf Turf Solutions offers a leading selection of turf seed for the establishment of thick and healthy lawns and landscapes. Reducing fertilizer, pesticides and mowing frequency saves time and money and is good for the environment. That’s something that you and your customers will both appreciate.

Stocking Seed Blends
Blend Name Tall Fescue Perennial Rye Kentucky Bluegrass Creeping Red Fescue Annual Rye Chewings Fescue
GTS Fescue Blend - Blue Tag Certified 100%
GTS 90/10 Fescue/Rye Mix - Blue Tag Certified 90% 10%
GTS 90/10 Fescue/Blue Mix - Blue Tag Certified 90% 10%
GTS 80/10/10 Fescue/Rye/Blue Mix - Blue Tag Certified 80% 10% 10%
GTS 80/20 Fescue/Rye Mix - Blue Tag Certified 80% 20%
GTS Ryegrass Blend - Blue Tag Certified 100%
GTS Shade Mix 10% 10% 40% 40%
Dynamic 90/10 Fescue/Rye Mix 90% 10%
Dynamic 80/20 Fescue/Rye Mix 80% 20%
Contractors Mix 70/30 Rye/Annual Rye 70% 30%
Contractors Mix 60/40 Fescue/Annual Rye 60% 40%
Contractors Mix 80/20/ Fescue/Annual Rye 80% 20%

Individual varieties of any blend or mix may change without notice due to seasonal availability.
Single varieties and custom blends are available upon request.

What Makes Us Different

There are a few seed companies in our industry that always lead the field in research and development, bringing us the best new varieties with enhanced disease and insect resistance; better drought and heat tolerance; and of course, better leaf texture and color. Each year we hand select the best cultivars and custom blend our seed mixes on the west coast ensuring the best quality, purity and price point for our customers.