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SnowEx Walk-Behind Broadcast Spreader

For tight applications like sidewalks and driveways, SnowEx® offers the SP-65, SP-85 and SP-85SS walk-behind broadcast spreaders. All highlighted by durable poly hopper construction, these spreaders are capable of handling bagged rock salt and pelletized material, and have a capacity range of 100 to 160 pounds.

SP-65 SP-85 SP-85SS
Empty Weight 25lb 42lb 42lb
Overall Length 50" 52" 52"
Overall Height 28" 33" 33"
Overall Width 26" 29" 29"
Hopper Length 18" 20" 20"
Hopper Width 23" 23" 23"

Side Deflector

Adjustable sidewalk deflectors limit the spread pattern to keep material on the intended path.

Single-Slot Port

Exclusive single-slot port design enhances material flow from the hopper.

Poly Cover

A clear poly cover provides weather protection and keeps out foreign objects, while allowing the operator to easily monitor material levels.

Top Screen

A standard top screen prevents large chunks of material from entering the hopper.

Fitted Lid

The fitted lid provides a convenient solution for protecting the material from moisture.

Stainless Steel Frame

The SP-85SS features a stainless steel frame to help eliminate rust issues on that area of the spreader.