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E-Z Trench - Trenchers

The E-Z Trench Bedscaper bed edger features our patented blade design that reduces vibration and operator fatigue as well as zero-Turn steering; making creating tight tree rings and beautifully shaped beds fast and easy! The model BE400 Bedscaper is the premier landscape edger on the market today.

The Groundsaw Line

The Groundsaw mini trenchers are great for digging a 13″ deep trench with minimal turf disturbance.

Groundsaw EZ9000

The Groundsaw will trench 100 feet in approximately 5 minutes. Replaceable heavy-duty carbide bits and all steel construction make it very durable and dependable.

Groundsaw EZ9100

The NEW Groundsaw model EZ9100 was built for durability and performance.

The J1000 7″ Mini-Trencher

Our first model, it was first manufactured in 1982. This little workhorse just keeps on trenching! The model J1000 has a set depth depending on the blade size. It comes equipped with a 1.5″ wide by 7″ depth carbide cutting blade.